French start-up Qarnot has actually raised a $6.5 million (EUR6 million) financing round. The business makes heating units and boilers with a special trick– they load computer systems as computer systems tend to produce a great deal of heat. Qarnot Lets business utilize that computing power by running jobs on

those unusual servers. Banque des Territoires, Caisse des Dépôts, Engie Rassembleur d’Énergies, A/O PropTech and Groupe Gambling establishment are taking part in today’s funding round.

When you design an information center, you change electrical energy into calculating resources and heat. Information centers always have to discover creative new ways to eliminate heat with powerful cooling mechanisms.

Qarnot is creating alternative information centers by taking advantage of heat instead of battling heat. The company initially started with computing heating units, an electrical heater with a server. The company offers those devices to building companies searching for heating systems for their new buildings

. Individuals living or working in those buildings can then manage heating directly on the heaters or through a mobile app. Almost 1,000 social real estate units are heated up by Qarnot.

At the other end of the equation, companies such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Natixis rent those servers for their own requirements. Illumination Mac Guff is also utilizing the platform to produce 3D models for cartoon animations.

Heating struggles with seasonality. That’s why Qarnot has actually also created scalable boiler systems. Those boilers pack CPU servers or a mix of CPU and GPU servers. Qarnot has also established a joint venture with Groupe Casino to heat warehouses with computer system racks.

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