Maurice Werdegar is the longtime CEO of endeavor debt shop Western Technology Investment, among the most active venture financial obligation lenders in the U.S.

It’s likewise among the older companies, having lent out money for roughly 40 years to start-ups that required to attain certain milestones, reach profitability or desired additional runway and didn’t necessarily want to raise a brand-new round (specifically if that next round might be at a lower appraisal).

It’s a required service and a benefit for start-ups in good times. When the market turns, financial obligation can show much harder.

Undoubtedly, though Werdergar comprehends creators well– he was as soon as the CEO of a venture-backed restaurant chain that did actually well up until it didn’t– he likewise needs to ensure that when the marketplace shifts, things don’t go south for WTI, as well. That can suggest long, hard conversations with founders who require to renegotiate their debt payments.

Since COVID-19 is wreaking extensive economic havoc, we talked with Werdegar last week to learn what’s occurring in his world and what WTI can do for customers who are now in a bind. Our chat has actually been edited for length.

TechCrunch: There are other venture financial obligation gamers out there. How do you differ from your competitors?

Maurice Werdegar: One is we’re not publicly traded; we’re a personal BDC [company development business], so we get our cash from institutional financiers, university endowments, nonprofits, sovereign wealth funds and groups like that. We’re a group that’s made up mainly of previous business owners; everyone have started and run our own businesses and work closely in the entrepreneurial environments. And we do not utilize monetary covenants, nor do we use subjective defaults.

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