Looks like things have not gone completely smoothly with Quibi’s launch. The concern appears to have been dealt with, however the Quibi customer assistance account tweeted this afternoon that”some users may be experiencing problems with the Quibi app,”just to add an hour later that”Users ought to once again have the ability to use the Quibi app typically. Thank you for your patience

.”It’s unclear how extensive the blackout was, however according to The Verge, one staffer saw an error screen and was unable to search the app, while another was unable to develop an account. The app seems to be working generally as I write this soon after 4pm Eastern.

If absolutely nothing else, it’s a suggestion that dependably delivering streaming video is hard, even for a start-up that’s raised$ 1.75 billion. Heck, even Disney experienced widespread streaming problems when it introduced Disney+ in November. ( It