Voice-based social media networks and video gaming as a brand-new form of identity were amongst the leading emerging trends in customer social startups, according to an Additional Crunch study of leading social tech financiers. On the other hand, privacy and dating apps with an unnecessary twist were spaces where financiers were most downhearted.

Additional Crunch put together a list of the most respected and well-respected investors in social. Many have actually moneyed or worked for the breakout companies changing the method we communicate with other individuals. We asked about the most interesting patterns they’re seeing and which locations they expect will quickly spawn smash hit social apps.

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Here are the 15 leading social media network VCs that participated in our study:

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Olivia Moore & & Justine Moore, CRV

What patterns are you most delighted in social from an investing viewpoint?

First, it deserves keeping in mind that customer social is extremely difficult to predict. Unlike enterprise software application, there’s no logical buyer, and the things that take off can appear “random” or dumb. Start-ups that see big success in this space are typically pioneering a new feature or method of interacting that hasn’t existed before. Any VC who claims to understand what the “next huge thing” in consumer social will appear like should most likely go construct it themselves!

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