Hello and invite back to Equity, TechCrunch’s endeavor capital-focused podcast, where we unload the numbers behind the headlines. The whole team existed this week: Natasha, Danny and Alex, along with our intrepid producer Chris

. And like the last couple of episodes it was great to have everyone around as there was so quite to make it through. Even better there was a lot of good, non-COVID-19 news to cover. Yes, there were bad tidings and some COVID-19 product also, however, hello, not everything can be fun. We started with a take a look at Clearbanc and its runway extension not-a-loan program, which may assist start-ups survive that are running low on cash. Natasha covered it for TechCrunch. Most of us learn about Clearbanc‘s revenue-based financing model; this is a twist. However it’s good to see business work to adapt their items to help other startups make it through. Next we chatted about a couple of rounds that Danny covered, namely Sila’s $7.7 million financial investment to help develop technology that might take on the vulnerable and age-old ACH, and Cadence’s$4 million raise to aid with securitization. Even better, per Danny, they are both blockchain-using business. And they are useful! Blockchain, while you were looking elsewhere, has done some cool things at last. Sticking to our fintech style– the show wound up being super fintech-heavy, which was an accident– we relied on SoFi’s big$1.2 billion deal to purchase Galileo, a Utah-based payments company that assists power a big piece of UK-based fintech. SoFi is entering into the B2B fintech world after very first attacking the B2C realm; we reckon that if it can pull the move off, other monetary technology companies may follow suit. Tidying up all the fintech stories is this round up from Natasha and Alex, working to determine who in fintech is doing inadequately, who’s concealing for now, and who is crushing it in the new financial truth. Next we touched on layoffs typically, layoffs at Toast,

AngelList, and not LinkedIn– in the meantime. Per their strategies to not have strategiesto have layoffs. You figure that out. And then at the end, we capped with good news from Thrive and Index. We didn’t get to Shippo, regretfully. Next time! Equity drops every Monday at 7:00 AM PT and Friday at 6:00 am PT, so register for us on

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