Earlier today a grip of brand-new data presented a greatly negative photo of the American economy. And this afternoon, news broke that a trio of widely known, heavily-backed unicorns were cutting staff.

With stocks down as well, we’ve received negative signals from the personal market, the general public market and the economy as a whole in the exact same day. Let’s take a minute to set the macro phase, and after that review the most recent cuts from Carta ( first reported by Bloomberg), Zume ( Business Insider broke that specific story) and Opendoor ( via The Info). Economic malaise

The background for today’s cuts is a failing American economy. A glance at recent news is sufficient. In the last few hours, house contractor self-confidence taped the “ greatest drop in history,” while retail sales fell 8.7% in March, what CNBC noted was “the most ever in federal government information,” and CNN Company reported that American factories’ output fell 5.4% in March, “their steepest one-month downturn because 1946.”

It’s maybe no surprise, then, that we have actually seen unicorn layoffs all year. In January the news was Vision Fund-backed business cutting burn to skate closer to success. Then, the first round of COVID-19-forced staff cuts landed at big business; firms like Bird and TripActions slashed staff as their companies were lease by a slowdown in their core operations by the pandemic and its related economic and social changes.

Slimmer cuts at smaller companies have occurred on an almost chronic basis, something that TechCrunch has actually covered, too.

Today, nevertheless, saw three cuts from three unicorns (personal companies worth $1 billion or more) that have actually long been objects of TechCrunch’s attention. So, let’s speak about them quickly: