In today’s grim economic environment, business are trying to find methods to automate anywhere they can. Bridgecrew, an early-stage startup that makes automated cloud security tooling aimed at engineers, revealed a $14 million Series A today.

Battery Ventures led the round with involvement from NFX, the business’s$4 million seed financier. Sorensen Ventures, DNX Ventures, Tectonic Ventures, and Homeward Ventures likewise got involved. A number of private financiers likewise assisted. The business has actually raised a total of $18 million.

Bridgecrew CEO and co-founder Idan Tendle says that it is ending up being simpler to arrangement cloud resources, however that security tends to be more difficult. “We founded Bridgecrew since we saw that there was a huge traffic jam in security engineering, in DevSecOps, and how engineers were running cloud infrastructure security,” Tendle informed TechCrunch.

They discovered that a lot concerns involved misconfigurations, and while there were security solutions out there to help, they were expensive, and they weren’t geared towards the engineers who were typically being charged with fixing the security problems, he stated.

The company chose to fix that problem by coming up with a service tailored particularly for the method engineers believe and run. “We do that by codifying the problem, by codifying what the engineers are doing. We took all the jobs that they needed to do to protect around remediation of their cloud environment and we developed a playbook,” he discussed.

The playbooks are little bits of facilities as code that can deal with many typical problems rapidly. When they come across a brand-new issue, they build a playbook and then that becomes part of the product. He states that 90% of the issues are relatively generic like following AWS best practices or ensuring SOC-2 compliance, however the engineers are free to tweak the code if they require to.

Tendle says he is employing and sees his product helping companies wanting to reduce expenses through automation. “We are planning to grow quickly. The need is huge and the COVID-19 implications suggest that increasingly more business will be moving to cloud and trying to minimize expenses, and we assist them do that by lowering the barriers and bottlenecks for cloud security.”

The company was established 14 months earlier and has 100 playbooks available. It’s keeping the team lean in the meantime with 16 employees, but it has plans to double that by the end of the year.

Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.