Welcome to an appearance back at the past week in security and what it suggests for you. Every week we’ll look at the huge news of the week and why it matters. What will the world appear like after the coronavirus pandemic subsides?

Some of us are now in our 5th week of sheltering in place, however there’s no fixed end-date in sight. We’ve gone from a duration of confusion and issue to testing and mitigation. Now we’re beginning to look ahead at the world post-coronavirus. Things still need to get done. However how do we regain a form of normality in the middle of a pandemic?

Tech can be the answer however it’s not a remedy; Apple and Google have actually described more about their contact tracing efforts to assist better understand the spread of the infection appears promising. But personal privacy issues and concerns that the system might be abused have actually raised warranted issues. On the other hand, with a U.S. presidential election slated for later this year, lots of specialists want tech out of the image in favor of a secure solution that utilizes paper tallies.

Will tech save the day, or will it kick us while we’re down? Let’s dive in.


Voting by mail ought to be having its minute. Will it? This year’s U.S. governmental election will still go on– it’s in the constitution as an immutable fact– however a pandemic throws a wrench in the works.

Security professionals say electronic voting isn’t protect or resistant enough to safeguard from foreign disturbance. Even the more recognized mobile ballot offerings have been shown to be deeply flawed.

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