HealthJoy, a platform that helps workers get the most use out of their benefits, introduced its revamped user interface and technology stack today. The startup informed TechCrunch that usage has actually doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the new platform, called HealthJoy 2.0, has remained in the works for 2 years, it is now helping the business deal with increased need for services, including telemedicine. Introduced in 2014, HealthJoy now has more than 500 companies on its platform. It has actually raised a total of $53 million so far, consisting of a $30 million Series C revealed in February.

The brand-new user interface consists of functions that tell users anticipated wait times for services like its inbox and healthcare concierge, and a new benefits wallet. Last month, HealthJoy likewise included features to address the pandemic, including aid to get screening, online assessments and a guide to nearby in-network health care facilities with low wait times.

Co-founder and CEO Justin Holland informed TechCrunch that the platform “at first saw a substantial spike in telemedicine visits as awareness of the virus grew and people began looking for ways to prevent physically checking out a doctor’s workplace. Usage for telemedicine has actually supported in the last couple of weeks and is now only a little bit above our standard.”

He added that HealthJoy is now motivating more workers to utilize the HealthJoy Staff member Assistance Program (EAP), which helps them discover services like psychological health therapy, financial preparation, and kid and senior care support.

“We have actually seen a corresponding spike in EAP usage as individuals are looking for assistance,” he said.

HealthJoy 2.0’s enhancements, which moves more processing far from regional customers to the cloud and consists of an updated CRM and control panel for employers, will also make it much easier for the company to execute brand-new functions in the future.

Other health advantage engagement platforms consist of Collective Health, League and Lumity. Holland said that HealthJoy 2.0 will help the start-up better contend by “allowing for greater integration with partners, a bigger collection of APIs and much easier combination with third-party data.”

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