Develop posts that feature you, your clients and how you can collaborate.

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What the heck am I supposed to publish today?” If you have actually ever created material for social media, this thought has definitely crossed your brain at least 43,879,098 times. And besides being appealing (hi likes, remarks, and shares … we see you and we enjoy you), how do you take all those clicks and turn them into cash?

How do you turn a social networks follower into a customer? Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be complicated. You simply make it about You, Me and United States. While this would produce an excellent sitcom title, it’s actually a posting formula to ensure engagement and uo your chances of flipping your fans into customers. In this formula, you are developing trust and engagement 85 percent of the time and providing a call to action to work with you 15 percent of the time. Because you are priming the pump and developing interest before you make your deal, you develop buzz and warm purchasers. Here’s how it works: Create posts that include you, your clients and how you can work together.Related: Why You Must Follow These 6 Basic Marketing Rules

All About Me Posts

1. Behind the scenes, doing my thing (aka while you are composing a book, developing a course, working at your laptop computer, or getting ready to get on a coaching call). Show how you do that thing that you do to make the viewer part of the story.2.
A client success story or result, connecting it back to something of value for the reader. Example: “Believe the marketplace is too filled? Think again. Health Coach Violet White just recently introduced her E.A.T. More Program with a five-figure launch in an extremely crowded market. Congrats to Violet!”
3. A quote of yours pulled from one of your previous blog sites, podcasts or posts, or one that you wrote simply for this. Authorities, celebrities and influencers are estimated. Gain specialist status by quoting yourself regularly. (See what you simply did there? You are so clever.)
4. A photo of you with someone else — your household, your pet, an employee, a customer, a friend. This humanizes you and makes you far more relatable and genuine, constructing trust with your audience.

All About You Posts

5. Ask a concern once a week like: “If you had a magic wand, what’s one thing you would alter about (your specific niche)?” This creates engagement and is more likely to get remarks than routine posts.

6. Offer tips and methods the viewer can use, such as: “Trying to find an enjoyable thing to do on a rainy day? Attempt an internal scavenger hunt or hide-and-seek where each time somebody finds a clue they compose one for the next spot.”


The 2 Features of Marketing That Never Change All About Us Posts

7. When weekly, let your readers understand the next action in your funnel. Start by providing a tip or method, and after that inform the audience the link to utilize to get your lead magnet, register for your webinar or to take a look at the product you advise.

8. A direct call to action. Tell them to opt-in or book a consultation to accomplish the result you promise.

Direct Call to Action Example

Once you complete the 8 days, you duplicate, ensuring your material constantly changes, engages and drives to a sale. Engage your followers, develop trust and eventually turn them from fan to customer.

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