Join Harvard Company School Professor Rebecca Henderson as she goes over why business owners are main to developing a better world and why there are million dollar businesses to be built along the


Might 4, 2020 1 minutes read Viewpoints revealed by Business owner contributors are their own.

We’re residing in amazing times. Inequality is intensifying, environment modification continues to barrel towards us, and the pandemic has actually closed down the economy. Can business owners assist?

Tune into this free webinar “Reimagining Commercialism in a World on Fire” to discover why business owners are central to constructing a much better world– and why there are million dollar organisations to be developed along the way. This webinar will feature insights from Harvard Business School Professor Rebecca Henderson. She’s invested her entire career studying development and will provide you both reason to hope and some concrete concepts regarding how you can make a distinction– while developing a business at the exact same time.

Attendees of this webinar will discover:

  • Why we require to reimagine capitalism
  • Why the economic sector– and entrepreneurs in particular– are crucial to making this occur
  • How to discover the opportunities are to make a difference whilst developing a thriving organisation

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