While the world feels paused, in some aspects, brand-new startups are still surfacing like usual. Today, 13 business are graduating from the Business owners Roundtable Accelerator, based in NY, with $100,000 each in financing from the accelerator.

This is PERIOD’s 18th class, with the accelerator having released more than 200 business because its inception, which have collectively raised more than $500 million.

Let’s meet the business:

Artists on Go is a marketplace platform that connects specific hairdressers with salon owners. Stylists can rent salon area from owners for $20/hour and keep the earnings they make from their customers, rather than splitting it with a beauty parlor company. Beauty salon owners, meanwhile, make earnings on their void when they do not have customers of their own.

Coinapoly is an asset management platform that helps clients go from occupants to real estate owners, by letting them buy a part of their house over time while offering much better risk-adjusted go back to real estate investors. The business charges fees on managed homes.

FieldClix is a SaaS platform for remote building jobs, particularly customized toward wireless, solar and high speed building tasks. With providers pressing toward a 5G present, FieldClix permits employees to team up on project planning, field resource management, cost tracking, and so on. The business has 30 business on the platform today, charging a repeating monthly, tiered subscription cost per licensed seat.

Hailify is a B2B platform that looks to use on-demand driver fleets during their downtime in between flights. Where drivers are waiting around for their next ride, Hailify uses them a last-mile shipment gig to keep making even without a rider. Hailify charges the on-demand chauffeur company, and pays out chauffeurs for each shipment made, taking a portion of each delivery that goes through the platform.

Hazel is tackling the female incontinence space with a re-engineered adult diaper, focusing on fit, function and looks. The D2C company uses new materials and strategies to deliver a non reusable product that looks like real underwear. Hazel launches later on this fall.

Mouth Off is a dissolvable gum that is indicated to get rid of foul breath, not by just masking the odor however by attacking the molecules in the mouth that produce bad breath. Mouth Off is plant-based and has no sugar or synthetic active ingredients. The business, which is releasing later on this fall, offers both a D2C subscription and retail options for purchase.

Nayya is an enterprise business that assists companies discover the ideal health insurance coverage prepare for their workers, using data to increase openness and supply cost-saving insights and info around the physician network nearby. The Nayya buddy item lets staff members enlist and helps them throughout the year as they navigate coverage, physicians, and supplemental protection choices. Nayya likewise provides payroll combination.

As parental leave grows as a crucial function for employers and staff members alike, Parento deals an insurance-based paid adult leave platform for companies. The business offers foreseeable prices enabling workers to use up to 16 weeks off, together with offerings for new moms and dad training and transition support. The company utilizes a B2B design, with rates varying based on worker salary and the existing paid parental leave policy.

RillaVoice gives business in real-world environments, like supermarket, junk food chains, health centers and physical shops the chance to tape-record and analyze their in person discussions with customers. Using lapel mics and machine-learning technology, Rilla analyzes these conversations to much better comprehend customer experience, conversion, etc. in such a way that’s safe and secure, certified and anonymous. Rilla charges a monthly cost per seat, which ranges from $50/month to $350/month.

Salusion is a SaaS business focused on taking full advantage of HSA tax savings for consumers and their companies. By revamping the health cost savings account process, Salusion lets users ‘HSA as they go’, and charges employers a fee per employee per month to administer the HSA accounts.

Spotter is a software business targeted at the long-haul trucking market, helping these companies select the best load for a private truck and motorist based upon input requirements like schedule, rate and fuel costs. The platform likewise supplies chauffeurs with pickup and drop-off directions. Spotter charges fleets a membership cost per truck.

Top is a multi-channel engagement platform for brands, giving them the opportunity to collect privacy-compliant data without making use of cookies. Top assists brand names produce interactive material, such as live ballot, games and competitors to collect this information and develop customer profiles, which includes data such as shopping choices and purchase intent. Top charges customers regular monthly for usage of their data and engagement platform.

Undock is a SaaS organisation concentrated on scheduling and collaborating conferences. The predictive machine-learning model searches for the ideal conference time for individuals by comparing accessibility, preferences and habits. The Undock platform also provides collaborative agenda and note-taking performance that lays on top of any conferencing platform. Undock operates a freemium design.

Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.