The entrepreneurial and investor focus of the last decade has actually mostly been fixated increased convenience and consumerism, and has encouraged business to focus on scaling, with little care for how it impacts stakeholders, workers, customers and even the environment. We have actually been speaking about a shift for some time, and now more than ever, it has ended up being apparent that companies have to take humanity into account as they build and scale in this brand-new paradigm.

The last 10 years of start-up growth have had to do with building and investing in these “good to haves.” We believe the next 10 years will be concentrated on structure and investing in “need to haves,” and the greatest service chances will be found in what we at Human being Ventures call The Human Needs Economy– products and services that have material impact on basic requirements and livelihoods and address a core make use of a customer’s money, time or energy. For 2020, we are focusing on resolving issues within three classifications that we believe will have a big impact on the Human Requirements Economy: health and health, the future of work and community.

As the first category of the Human Requirements Economy, we outline the chance within health and health and particular areas in which we are thrilled to construct and invest.

Health and health

Recalling at a decade concentrated on scaling nice to haves, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are living with unaddressed health and wellness concerns. And the statistics are staggering. In 2019, an estimated 47.6 million adults (19% of the country) had a mental illness, but just 43% got any kind of mental healthcare. When it pertains to reproductive and sexual health, entire populations of minorities and underrepresented groups get subpar care and face stigma around health issues. And we’re on track for a lack of 120,000 doctors in the U.S. by 2030, a signal that these problems are set to become worse. (The United States’ reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how unsafe this is in a crisis.)

These others and challenges represent what we call the wellness deficit– the amount of human needs that have gone unmet in the locations of health and wellness. And despite the fact that it might seem that every block has a new store physical fitness studio turning up or everyone you know has the current wearable to measure their sleep, our company believe we are simply at the starting line when it comes to making up ground and building terrific companies that tackle these issues.

Below are 10 locations that are poised to comprise this wellness deficit:

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