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With a minimum of 150 million month-to-month listeners in the U.S. alone, it’s not a surprise that everyone from global brand names to small businesses are relying on podcasts as their next secret marketing investment. Podcast advertisements are, for the many part, native– and native

on your hands. So, what could be better? Related: Want to Market Your Service on Podcasts? Here’s How to Begin. State hi to programmatic podcast advertising When compared to an ordinary native podcast ad, the programmatic technique has a few distinct benefits right off the bat. It offers you a refined degree of control over your campaign. From geo-targeting to thorough demographics to the gadget type and context, you can turn every proverbial dial to stack the chances of success in your favor. Though native marketing boasts credibility, going the programmatic route permits you to guarantee the relevance of your advertising. This helps you lay down the foundation for a successful campaign.

At the heart of the efforts to bring programmatic advertising to services and podcasters around the world stand just a few customized companies, such as Audry. Unlike a podcast network or a hosting platform, programmatic podcast marketers are fully concentrated on developing the

7 Factors to Add a Podcast to Your Content-Marketing Technique

Lower attribution and real scale

When it pertains to evaluating the success of your podcast advertising campaigns, discount coupon redemption is practically the holy grail among all of the readily available methods. However let’s face it: Beyond how many individuals heard your advertisement and how many people redeemed a discount coupon, you have little to no appropriate data to evaluate.

Programmatic podcast advertising assists do away with this problem. You can go much further than baseline redemptions, getting insights on the number of listeners there were on specific days, what episodes they listened to and what demographics they belong to, amongst a bonanza of other rich and meaningful information.

Having access to this information is pretty much the key to intensifying your marketing and making sure that it’s hitting the ideal individuals on all the right points.

It’s obvious that native marketing is costly and is just actually possible for the top fifth of the podcasts out there. And when we account for the reality that there are more than 1 million podcasts available to listeners on

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