Today Alexia Bonatsos of Dream Machine and Niko Bonatsos of General Driver swung by Extra Crunch Live to talk about where they

are investing today and what the future might look like. As anticipated, these seed and early-stage investor had a lot to state about their existing investing cadence and what interests them in the world of edtech, Clubhouse and more. A big thanks to everyone who came out and submitted some great concerns.

Returning through the chat today, a few areas jumped out. For this recap, I’ve gathered responses from the transcript relating to today’s fundraising climate, the future of AI and the possible effect of the decline on VC-backed founder variety.

And for everybody who couldn’t join us live, I have actually included the full video replay below. ( You can get access here, if you need it.)

Today’s fundraising environment


It’s kind of a Rashomon; depending on whose viewpoint you’re getting the story, is just totally different. Let’s see , are [VCs] being as active as they were in 2018? I ‘m gon na state no. I mean , look at

your data, your information says no. Does that mean individuals [ have] shut down the shop and are all in Montana? No? We understand that these sort of “crisistunities”– and I’m not diminishing the crisis at all, it is extremely frightening and really unfortunate, and it’s something that I’m really fortunate to be able to be experiencing from inside my apartment or condo and not from outside within an emergency room or a food bank or any other location that it’s really at the cutting edge, right?

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