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Over the past month, I’ve been a guest on two podcasts you’ve never ever heard of– which’s one huge factor I accepted be a guest.

I’ve been lucky over my 27-year profession to have actually been interviewed on both network news (CBS Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight) and cable television news (Fox News, CNN). However, those looks are infrequent– I’m a CPA and monetary therapist, not a project expert, so I’m not in demand all the time.

Yet I require to be all set for such interviews whenever I’m hired. In reality, do you. Nothing establishes an business owner’s reliability more than other individuals calling you a professional.

Like a major league ballplayer who takes batting practice in the offseason, we all require to stay sharp between those erratic interviews. Simply as there’s a skill to your core business, there’s an equal ability in promoting it through media interviews.

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a big aid Recently, I was on a podcast

called Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell. Cauldwell interviews fiction and nonfiction authors, so I was invited as the author of two individual finance books.

The majority of her concerns had to do with the stock exchange– which I try to avoid, merely since I don’t wish to provide financial investment guidance. I’m chairman of, which has helped millions of typical Americans get out from under their charge card bills, tax burdens and student loans. I want to provide get-out-of-debt recommendations, not investment guidance.

“I focus primarily on financial obligation,” I informed her. I did say …

“We’re in the longest bull market this country nation has actually seen. It has to concern an end. I was having lunch with the chairman/CEO of Goldman Sachs last week, and his expectation is within 3 years we’re going to hit an economic downturn.”

I turned the discussion towards preparing for emergency situations like an economic crisis.

All job interviewers have their own programs– and as an business owner, you have your own. No matter the size of the podcast, it develops your mental muscles to joust with recruiters who keep asking you questions you do not wish to respond to. So it was great practice for me to push Cauldwell back the topic I’m most professional about.

It also helps to craft your message for different audiences. Cauldwell’s audience is primarily senior citizens. That was best for me, because senior citizens are struggling with debt in different ways than younger people.

“At the end of the day, senior citizens should not be accountable for their kids’s debts,” I told Cauldwell. “Do not enable your kids or grandchildren to invade your credit. For instance, an elderly person is a cosigner for an automobile and winds up getting persevered. You can be generous to a point. Do not be a fool.”

Cauldwell was grateful to have this conversation, despite the fact that she didn’t anticipate it. Jousting with an interviewer can be good for both parties.


4 Personal Branding Techniques You Can Execute Today How to develop your message Only a week later, I was on another podcast. This one is called ValueWalk, which explains itself as offering “special protection on hedge funds, large possession supervisors and value investing.” So as soon as again, I needed to steer the discussion back to financial obligation. However, I discovered typical threads, which is something a smart business owner needs to do deftly if they want to land interviews that likewise enhance their business.

When the host asked me about children acquiring wealth, I responded to with a common tactic: Do not prevent the concern however respond with an analogy that fixates your business.

I utilized credit cards as a pertinent example because credit card debt is the main focus of “They have to be taught, since parents are going to provide their kids a tremendous quantity of properties. And if they are not taught to properly make use of those properties, they’re going to lose them. It resembles offering your kid a charge card without ever teaching the child about the use of charge card. They’re gon na charge them up without thinking. They’ll say, ‘What do you suggest I have to pay for them? And what do you indicate I have to pay them on time?'”

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Even if you think, “This is a lot of work for significant media attention I might never ever get,” I discover podcast interviews likewise help me speak better and tighter in business conferences. Unlike network and cable interviews I’ve done, podcasts let you discuss complicated subjects at length. CBS and CNN just wanted soundbites from me.

After a long conversation on a podcast, I find I perform much better in conversations with my staff members and my partners. Considering that there are numerous podcasts out there, and they have a lot of hours to fill, you can discover one close to your specific niche. It won’t be a difficult sell. They’ll welcome your competence — and you’ll welcome the opportunity to enhance your branding.

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