Countless consumers safeguarding in location to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus sent out shockwaves through the global economy. Transportation-related business were not spared in the turmoil. Mobility start-ups combined, drew back from some markets and reduced headcount. And yet, the industry– and the VCs who purchase it– is still rolling forward.

Creators are huddled with their teams, selecting over spreadsheets and go-to-market strategies searching for ways to speed up as their runways grow ever shorter. And while the pace of financial investments might have slowed, venture capitalists are still seeking out ingenious tech and ignored concepts.

TechCrunch spoke with 6 investors about the state of movement, which patterns they’re most thrilled about and what they’re looking for in their next financial investments:

Ernestine Fu, Alsop Louie Partners

What trends are you most excited about in movement hardware from an investing viewpoint?

In-car cybersecurity. Today’s lorries are highly advanced smart gadgets, and cybersecurity is becoming an important part of automakers’ advancement efforts. We’re already seeing infotainment connectivity systems and over-the-air software application updates in automobiles being susceptible to cyberattacks. Cars will act as the nodes of large information networks, especially as personal movement, autonomous driving and automobile connection drive our future. In-car cybersecurity risks will remain a continuous concern– and an abundant investment opportunity.

Stonly Baptiste & & Shaun Abrahamson, Urban United States

What patterns are you most excited about in movement hardware from an investing viewpoint?

The most fascinating thing is the ongoing reduction in expenses of electrical drivetrains and autonomous stacks. These are going to have an extensive effect on overall costs of fleets– lower fuel, upkeep and labor expenses.

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