is an early-stage start-up in the alpha stage of testing its preliminary product, however it has an idea compelling enough to attract financial investment, even during a pandemic. Today the company revealed an extra$4 million in seed capital to continue developing its AI-driven search solution.

Susquehanna International Group and Omicron Media co-led the round with involvement by Defy Partners, NextView Ventures and a group of unnamed angel financiers. Today’s financial investment comes on top of the $2 million in seed cash the start-up revealed in October.

Company co-founder and CEO Brian Shin said that when he provided to his financiers in early March at the last occasion he attended prior to whatever shut down, they approached him about extra money, and given the economic uncertainty he chose to take it.

“Honestly we most likely would not have taken additional cash if it was not for the unpredictability around the macro environment right now,” he told TechCrunch.

The business is trying to fix enterprise search and being pre-revenue, Shin acknowledged that having extra capital would give them more room to develop the item and get it to market.

“We are attempting to resolve this issue where people simply can’t discover details that they require in order to do their jobs. When you look within the workplace, this issue is simply becoming worse and worse with the proliferation of various formats and individuals keeping their details in various locations, regional networks, cloud repositories, email and Slack,” he explained.

They have a few thousand people in the alpha program right now testing a personal desktop variation of the application that assists private users find their material wherever it happens to be. The strategy is to open that up to a broader group soon.

The plan requires a groups version where groups of employees can search amongst their various individual repositories, a developer variation to construct the search technology into other operations and ultimately an enterprise tool. They also want to include voice search starting with an Alexa skill with the basic belief that we require to move beyond keyword searches to more natural language approaches.

“Our company believe that there’ll be an entire new classification of search, search business and search products that are more conversational. […] Being able to communicate with your details more naturally, a growing number of conversationally, that’s where we think the markets is going,” he stated.

The company now has more money in the bank to assist attain that vision.

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