COVID-19 has actually transformed the method Americans use their phones and the way they invest their money and time online. These shifts present both a number of challenges and a raft of chances for smart growth online marketers.

We have actually seen COVID-19 impact a number of verticals. A variety of markets have taken a hit (like music streaming and sports), while some are broadening due to the pandemic (groceries, media, video gaming). Others have found unique methods to change the method they position and sell their item, enabling them to make the most of modifications in buyer behavior.

The key to being able to react and check out to modifications in this still-tumultuous time and customizing your growth marketing appropriately is to comprehend how public belief is reflected in brand-new buying behaviors. Here’s an introduction of the most crucial patterns we’re seeing that will allow you to change your growth marketing efficiently.

By the numbers: A sheltering-in-place economy

Virtually all of the data we’ve seen shows a marked difference in buyer behavior following the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic on March 11, 2020. With customers encouraged to stay at home to deter the spread of COVID-19, it’s not a surprise that the greatest change is the spike in online activity.

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