Landing page optimization business Unbounce is announcing that it has raised $52 million Canadian (approximately $38.4 million in US dollars).

Unbounce was established back in 2009 with what co-founder and CEO Rick Perreault described as a goal of assisting little and medium companies easily develop different landing pages where they can direct prospective customers after they’ve engaged with their advertisement and marketing projects. (Obviously some Unbounce clients are successful with just a “handful” of landing pages, while others produce “hundreds and hundreds.”)

The Vancouver-headquartered company now has a 200-person group, with customers consisting of Hootsuite, Zola and World Vision. It also states it recently passed the milestone of having powered 1 billion conversions.

Aside from a little seed round raised back in 2011, Perreault stated the business has not raised any outside financing. Apparently it raised a huge round now in order to buy technology that can bring more automation to the procedure.

Perreault stated the ultimate goal is to enable a service to “set it and forget it through machine learning”– so that they no longer need to create landing pages at all, since the Unbounce platform is doing all the optimization and personalization for them. As a first step because instructions, Unbounce has produced a Smart Traffic product that will automatically utilize visitor data to send visitors to the best landing page, leading to an average conversion lift of 20%.