Previously today we took a look at two companies that have actually submitted to go public, nCino and GoHealth . The pair sign up with Lemonade in a march toward the public markets. Those three firms are hardly alone. We know that DoorDash submitted privately earlier this year (it also raised a pile of money lately, so its IPO might not be in a hurry), and Postmates filed independently

last year. Much more, there are a variety of companies whose IPOs we anticipate in short order. So, what follows is our extremely clinical study of impending IPOs, starting with those closest to the gate. This list is concentrated on business that were at one point venture-backed start-ups, even if they have become behemoths in the intervening years.

We’ll begin with companies that have actually filed and are approaching launchings in the next couple of weeks:

And, next, companies that have filed privately however are still hanging back:

And here are business that are making the sort of sound that one might make before lastly going public: