The ‘billboard’ method can generate numerous inbound calls

Photo the drive to work you used to make every day before the COVID-19 pandemic struck– the exact same path, the very same time and the usual signboards on the side of the highway. Your drive to work isn’t about finding brand-new product and services, so in theory, you wouldn’t appreciate the dental workplaces, lawyers or whatever else that billboard is promoting.

However when there comes a day when your tooth aches and your insurance coverage no longer covers your old provider, you might end up calling the number on that signboard after seeing it hundreds of times. That’s the billboard result.

Digital marketing has largely left billboards in the dust, making it far easier to reach any of the billions of people online. That does not mean brands need to be disregarding the principles that made signboards work in the first place.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve assisted clients carry out those principles by running video ads and have, for instance, helped a family lawyer in Joliet, Illinois book 130 telephone call with $1,000 in marketing spend with the method. Here’s how it works from start to finish.

The secret to enhancing telephone call: Do not link your site

While numerous brand names already see the worth in video marketing, the majority of still do not understand how to go about making an efficient video without needing to hire an expensive video production business. Remember, the video does not have to be a high-production task; it simply needs to get the message across to the ideal audience and offer individuals a way for more information.

Videos generally have 3 components:

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