Connect Ventures, the London-based seed-stage VC that was an early investor in Citymapper and Typeform– and more just recently backed scaling startups such as Curve and TrueLayer– is revealing a new$80 million fund to continue investing in” product-led”creators. Backing the brand-new fund is a combination of existing and brand-new LPs including Leading Tier Capital Partners, Isomer Capital, the U.K. taxpayer’s British Patient Capital, De Agostini, Big Society Capital, Draper Esprit and Korelya Capital. Link’s last fund, raised in 2016, was around$ 62 million based on today’s currency exchange rate, so this is a somewhat bigger amount of deployable capital. Released back in 2012 when there was still a really minimal supply of institutional capital at seed-stage in Europe( and when seed cheques were often called Series A!), Connect Ventures is pan-European and invests in B2B and customer software categories including SaaS, fintech, digital health and “future of work “. Running throughout the company’s investment thesis is an item focus, with the belief that “product-led, software

entrepreneurs”are the type of founders probably to transform the way we live and work at scale. You can see this digital item bent throughout a lot of its portfolio business. For instance, as B2B SaaS companies go, Typeform is

about as product-focused as they come. More clearly, customer fintech plays such as financing app Emma, and all-your-cards-in-one app Curve, likewise pass away and live by their particular apps– a theme that will continue going forward with this 3rd fund.”We’re interested in constructing long term relationships with creators who have the obsession and focus needed to develop product-led companies, and the aspiration to develop classification leaders

,”states Sitar Teli, general partner at Link Ventures, in a declaration. One other noteworthy feature of Link Ventures is that it has constantly and continues to do fewer deals per year than lots of seed-stage firms– so-called”conviction investing”, as it is often referred

to today. To put it simply, the opposite to a spray ‘n’ pray method that favours diversification. That implies not only placing bigger(and for that reason riskier)bets in a smaller sized variety of early-stage business, but likewise tossing more support behind those investments, consisting of taking a board seat, in a quote to help tip the scales towards success. “We’ve purposefully created a low volume, high conviction, high support investment company to back these creators, “includes Teli.”That’s why we’ll be targeting the very same curated number of seed financial investments with this fund, using the larger fund size to provide the

best capital and assistance on our journey together “. On that note, Connect says it has currently begun deploying this fund with current financial investments. They include BSit(the subscription-based childcare and babysitting platform ), Oyster (the dispersed skill enablement platform), and, as already mentioned, fintech Emma. Together With Teli, Connect Ventures ‘two other general partners are Pietro Bezza and Rory Stirling (see TechCrunch’s previous protection of Stirling’s recruitment). The company has actually backed over 50 startups to date. Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.