Not if you’re willing to discover a market, determine a problem and get innovative in fixing it. June 26, 2020 5 minutes read Opinions expressed by Business owner factors are their own.

With a barrage of doom and gloom in the media, combined with all sorts of weird details flying around on

there is plenty. Most industrialized countries have actually been pumping money into the system at record speed. For instance, the UK government has actually offered billions in the form of Recuperate Lends provided to small companies who now must spend it on things that enhance their business(no homes or automobiles enabled). Bigger corporations (with larger budgets )have never been more open up to ideas as to how they can fulfill their objectives. Contribute to this other grants and discounts, and there is actually a fair amount of cash in the economy.

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Your service can’t make it through if you can’t reach individuals. There’s never been more access to big markets. Thanks to

business owners. Nearly every organisation in the world has to change the way it runs, federal governments require to repair broken systems, corporations require to make fundamental shifts to their supply chains, services require reliable marketing, workers need training, and the list goes on and on. At a consumer level, people require to restore their physical fitness, they will need to buy new clothes, and there’s a desire to leave your house and do things (when the time is best). Above all, there are the huge humanitarian, ecological and social problems that need fixing. We need much better product packaging services, we have countless individuals going hungry, cities need to end up being more sustainable, and the legal system requires to be made fairer. There’s merely no end to the problems that we need to urgently resolve.

5. Do you have the experience and insights to solve an important issue?

Having dealt with countless business owners, I have actually come to find that the majority of people are standing on a mountain of untapped value. Their networks, insights, stories, experiences and methods form a huge platform to credibly innovate from. When you are up close to it, the problem with standing on a mountain is that you can’t see it. The majority of people ignore their own mountain of worth because they are focusing on what someone else is doing. Doing a deep dive by yourself history, your passions, your experiences and stories will typically yield a lot more than taking a course on a tactical approach that’s working for some guru in

Looking at the responses to these 5 basic questions need to make you feel that this is definitely a good time to be a business owner if you want to discover a market, determine a problem and get innovative in solving it.

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