When it comes to equity capital, Los Angeles is a city on the rise.

In the previous year, it’s seen one of the most profitable venture-backed exits of any tech ecosystem (with the $4 billion sale of Honey to PayPal) and investors are minting billion-dollar business in the area at a torrid pace. It’s likewise the city where financiers are spending the most cash beyond equity capital’s big major centers: San Francisco, Boston and New York City.

While Los Angeles has a lot going all out, that also suggests it possibly has a lot to lose in the current economic slump. California continues to be hard-hit by COVID-19, in spite of regional and state officials working to resume organisations.

TechCrunch surveyed a few of the city’s leading financiers in sectors like home technology and cannabis to get their take on how the city might endure– and possibly flourish– in a new age introduced by the action to the pandemic.

From bigger fund financiers like Mark Suster and Kara Nortman at Upfront Ventures to Dana Settle at Greycroft Partners; to early-stage financiers like Will Hsu at Mucker Capital; TX Zhuo at Fika Ventures, the actions were generally upbeat about the future opportunities for Los Angeles start-ups. Even expert fund investors like Karan Wadhera of the cannabis-focused investment firm Casa Verde Capital and Brendan Wallace at the real estate-focused company Fifth Wall believe that Los Angeles will grow in the post-COVID world.

As Mucker Capital co-founder Hsu writes,”There are much more excellent companies than there are venture dollars here in LA. Investors in other cities must continue to see LA as an underserved community with huge opportunities.”

  • Mark Suster, handling partner, Upfront Ventures
  • Kara Nortman, partner, Upfront Ventures
  • Will Hsu, Mucker Capital
  • Dana Settle, Greycroft
  • Karan Wadhera, Casa Verde Capital
  • Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall
  • TX Zhuo, Fika Ventures
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Image Credits: Getty Images/ROBYN BECK/AFP Mark Suster, handling partner, Upfront Ventures

Just how much is Upfront focused on buying the regional LA environment versus less geographically focused?

Upfront invests about 40% of its financial investment dollars in the terrific LA market and invests about 40% split between the Bay Area and NYC. Upfront has always invested nationally and internationally with the last 20% and we have produced significant exits in Chicago, Baltimore, Paris, London and Las Vegas among others.

Where we do invest beyond LA obviously we bring all of our relationships and contacts to bear, which makes us a logical choice for any startup raising capital where having access to the most significant influencers, media business, scholastic organizations and doctor can assist move the company’s success.

How do you believe COVID-19 will alter entrepreneurial activity in Los Angeles?

It’s true that some startup businesses have actually been impacted by this pandemic however as we’re finding out a few brief months in, there has been far more velocity of the trends leading towards technology growth that were currently in place.

Specifically resolving some LA-based business we can show you the patterns we see directly with need data:

We currently knew that telemedicine made good sense for medical professionals and clients and now this trend has actually accelerated, regulations being reduced and cultural barriers overcome. We see a big development in food production and preservation (Apeel Sciences, for instance) and food distribution (such as ChowNow). The need to reduce people in warehouses has moved need for robotics/automation for business like inVia Robotics and the need for remote monitoring has assisted LA-based DroneBase.

Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.