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heading concepts, outtakes from the that got cut, and more. It’s enjoyable! Back to job, listen, we’re tired too. We didn’t let that stop us from packing this week’s Equity

to the really gills with news and notes and jokes and enjoyable. Ideally you can chuckle in addition to myself and Natasha and Danny and Chris on the dials as we riffed through all of this: Journalism, investor, and not being an enormous jerk: Eavesdrop for more, however there‘s once again a brouhaha on the planet of technology twitter and media twitter worrying whether reporters ought to write more favorable things about tech business(no), and if venture capitalists are a bit too thin-skinned for their net worth(yes). Lemonade’s IPO went kaboom out of eviction, more than doubling in worth. The CEO isn’t too worried. I spoke to him prior to we recorded and he was more interested in getting a bedrock of strong, long-lasting financiers than extracting every possible dollar in their raise.And Lemonade had a bunch of cash already, so it wasn’t a big concern. We likewise invested a minute on the possible Uber-Postmates deal, that might get revealed early next week. Thator Postmates actually is severe about going

  • public. We’ll see. Next up we had to speak about Mirror, Lululemon, and what’s up with home
  • physical fitness. Is the pattern here to remain? Natasha believes so, and the rest of the team are quite bullish. Especially as it is not like we are going to get back to life anytime quickly. After that it was time to get toa couple of financing rounds, including
  • the latest from Neo.Tax, and a check-in on the early-stage Lessonbee, which sounds actually cool. We likewise packed in a fast word on Contrary Capital and startup mafias, the Envision accelerator, Discord’s most current$100 million round, and we closed with the Final Luckin Letdown. Whew! That ‘s our ep. Hugs from the group and have a charming weekend. You
  • are all remarkable and we appreciate you investing part of your day with the 4 of us.

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