A brand-new item established by Harvard professor of the Pracice of Biomedical Engineering David A. Edwards is set to introduce this fall, and declares to be able to provide a nearly 100 percent reduction in the particles present in breathed out air– thus decreasing the possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2 both into, and out of, the lungs while breathing. That could imply a significantly minimized risk of contracting COVID-19, particularly for frontline healthcare workers when used in mix with other PPE like face masks.

The item, called FEND, and produced by Edwards’ tech startup Sensory Cloud, is set to be readily available from September. It’s a saline mix (essentially a “salty mist”) which contains no drugs, and is instead directed from naturally-occurring salts that are frequently discovered in sea water. The mist, when provided by means of deep nasal inhalation in misted form, has actually been shown in peer-reviewed research study released on Tuesday by Sensory Cloud in medical journal QRB Discovery to tidy upper human respiratory tracts of particles that are less than a micron in size that aren’t usually strained by many traditional mask styles.

The research study conducted by the company is based on a small sample population of 10 volunteers, including five who are above 65, and 5 who are listed below that age, so it’s worth taking that into account when considering the results. Still, cross the sample group, the scientists discovered that it minimized transmitted particles per liter of air by around 99 percent– with most of those particles obstructed being ones that would’ve been too small to be filtered by conventional masks.

Sensory Cloud contends that FEND could provide “anyone at danger of SARS-CoV-2” with extra defense– in regards to scrubbing the respiratory tracts of both inhaled particles for those who do not yet have the virus, and likewise for avoiding the expulsion of viral particles for those that do. Appropriately, while the company prepares to release it to get public through its online sales platform, it is likewise “devoting to helping with gain access to” of FEND once it appears to “needy at-risk populations” including frontline workers all over the world. Sensory Cloud is also debuting a variety of medical trials this summertime, the results of which must go a long method in regards to supporting their early small-scale research study results, if favorable.

The startup prepares to cost Fend, consisting of the mister shipment device, at $49 for a two-pack– with specific refill bottles priced at $6 each later on, with each refill providing around 250 total uses (each usage supplies the cleaning advantages explained above for approximately 6 hours based upon the company’s research).

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