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Ahead of parsing Q2 equity capital information, we got a look today into the VC world’s take on making offers over Zoom. A couple of months ago it was an open concern whether VCs would just stop making brand-new investments if they couldn’t slice it up in person with creators. That, it ends up, was mainly wrong. Today we learned that most VCs are open to making remote offers happen, even if 40%of VCs have actually done so. This raises a worrying question: If just 40% of VCs have in fact made a fully remote offer, the number of deals happened in Q2?

Evaluating from my inbox over the past few months, it’s been an active period. We can’t lean on anecdata for this subject; The Exchange will parse Q2 VC information next week, ideally, provided that we can scrape together the data points we require to feel confident in our take. More quickly.

Private markets

As TechCrunch reported Friday, some start-ups are postponing raising capital for a couple of quarters. They can do this by limiting expenses. The concern for startups that are doing this is what shape they’ll remain in when they do surface to hunt for fresh funds; can they still grow at an appealing pace while attempting to extend their runway through burn conservation?

There’s another choice besides waiting to raise a brand-new round, and not raising at all. Startups can raise an extension to their preceding deal! Perhaps I am seeing something that isn’t a pattern, or not a pattern yet, but there have actually been a variety of start-ups recently raised extensions recently that caught my eye. For instance, this week MariaDB raised a $25 million Series C extension , for instance. This week Sayari put together$2.5 million in a Series B extension. And CALA assembled$3 million in a Seed extension. Throughout the pond Maker Labs assembled one million pounds in another Seed extension today.

I don’t know yet how to numerically drill into the offered endeavor data to tell if we’re really seeing an extension wave, however do let me know if you have any notes to share. And, to be completely clear, the above rounds might quickly be un-thematic and simply random, so please don’t read into them more deeply than that they were announced in the last few days and match something that we’re watching.

Public markets

On the general public markets front, the news is all great. Tech stocks are up in basic, and software stocks set some new record highs this week. It’s nearly impossible to remember how scary the world was back in March and April in today’s halcyon stock exchange run, but it was just a couple of months back that stocks were falling sharply.

The return-to-form has assisted a variety of companies go public this year like Vroom, Distinction, Agora, and others. Today was another hectic duration for startups, former startups, and other companies looking to goout. In fast fashion to save time, this week we got to see GoHealth’s very first IPO variety, nCino’s 2nd(more on the 2 companies’finances here), discovered that Palantir is going public(it’s monetary history as finest we can tell is here), and even got an IPO filing(S-1) from Rackspace, as it looks towards the public markets yet again. The Exchange explores start-ups, markets and cash. You can read it every morning on Bonus Crunch, and now you can get it in your inbox. Register for The Exchange newsletter, which drops every Friday beginning July 25. The IPO waters are so warm that Lemonade is still up more than 100% from its IPO price. So long as development business that are miles from generating income can command abundant valuations, expect companies to keep going through the public market’s door. There’s enjoyable stuff on the horizon. Coinbase might file later this year, or in early 2021. And the Airbnb IPO is probably coming within 4 or five quarters. Prepare to check out some SEC filings. Funding rounds worth noting The coolest financing round of the week was clearly the one that I blogged about, namely the $2.2 million that MonkeyLearn created from a set of lead financiers. Other companies raised cash, and among them the following investments stood out: Sony poured a quarter of a billion dollars into the maker of Fortnite, for a 1.4% stake. This rounds sticks out for how