The founder of Würkin Stiffs, a magnetic collar stays company, speak about turning his creation into a growing service. Grow Your Service, Not Your Inbox Stay informed and join our everyday newsletter now!

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Jonathan Boos is the creator of Würkin Stiffs, which sells shirt collar stays with embedded magnets. Boos talks with #ThePlaybook host David Meltzer about establishing his collar remains, growing his service, the lessons he learned from his experience on Shark Tank and how he’s assisting his retail partners best now.Boos speak about sibling rivalry with his twin brother, maturing in his household’s organisation and early work experiences in the vehicle industry. He speaks about the inspiration that resulted in his innovation of the magnetic collar stay in 2005. Boos relates how he began selling his invention

from the back of his cars and truck to specialty men’s shops with his spouse’s assistance start in 2006. In 2010, Boos was approached by Shark Tank and invited to get involved. Boos explains his experience on the show and his remorse for denying the funding used after the episode’s taping.Boos also discusses his company’s shift due to COVID and how he is attempting to help his retail partners by carrying out drop-shipping and profit-sharing from sales of existing inventory.Related:

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