BlueOcean is a brand-new startup offering companies a relatively quick and economical method to see how their brands are carrying out and what they can do to enhance.

CEO Grant McDougall and COO/President Liza Nebel (the set founded BlueOcean with Chief Data Researcher Matthew Gross) told me they’ve been establishing the innovation for two years. And although the start-up is just officially launching now, it has already dealt with popular brands like Microsoft, Panda Express and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

BlueOcean is focused particularly on the world of brand audits, which are essentially detailed analyses of the elements of a brand name that are and aren’t working– and according to Nebel (whose experience consists of working on brand name and digital strategy at Ogilvy), a single audit can cost brand names millions of dollars, typically resulting in reports “that aren’t even actionable.”

With BlueOcean, on the other hand, a brand provides just two things– their site and a list of their rivals. They get their brand name audit one week later on, for simply $17,000, including recommendations for how to enhance.

To do this, the business says it’s using an “automation-first method.” McDougall stated BlueOcean is pulling from numerous various information sources, which will differ from market to market, and using algorithms to understand things like, “What’s the right taxonomy? How do we obtain that information?”

BlueOcean founders Grant McDougall and Liza Nebel

BlueOcean creators Grant McDougall and Liza Nebel(Image Credits: BlueOcean )He added,”Tactically, we tend to move up in the company,”giving both marketing teams and C-level executives the guidance they need.

For example, Nebel stated that one of BlueOcean’s customers include a big alcohol holding company, which just recently launched a line of tough seltzer under an existing alcohol brand. The startup’s brand audit recommended that the company (which Nebel decreased to recognize) launch a separate tough seltzer brand name rather– and now, the business will be releasing 3 different brand names.

Nebel also walked me through what she called the “five-minute version” of a brand audit for TechCrunch, which looked at our efficiency in regards to potential clients, placing, messaging, offerings and existing consumers. Ultimately, BlueOcean offered us a “moderate” rating of 97 (however hey, we scored well on being “unforgettable” and “inspiring”) and advised actions like publishing a more “steady drumbeat” of material on social media and improving our app experience.

“BlueOcean has actually become a fantastic addition to further allow us to sharpen our capability to monitor, understand and act through the lens of brand throughout all of our commercial offerings,” stated Microsoft’s director of brand strategy Tim Hoppin in a declaration. “We’re delighted to deal with BlueOcean and utilize their tools and expertise to strengthen our relationship with the millions of international consumers we get in touch with daily.”

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