TechCrunch ‘s very first Early Phase occasion goes down in exactly one week, and we’re pretty freakin’amped

about it! Early Stage is unique because it’s more of an entrepreneurial bootcamp, smashed into a two-day virtual format, than a traditional conference. Specialists from across the market will offer presentations on a particular subject, from How To Draw Up Your First Agreements (James Alonso and Adam Zagaris) to How to Get People Consumed with your Brand (Emily Heyward), and attendees will be able to take part in a live Q&A following each presentation.

We’ll also have numerous ‘primary stage’ chats that are available to all participants, including fireside talks with founders Dylan Field (Figma) and Mariam Naficy ( and financiers James Buckhouse and Jess Lee (Sequoia) and Reid Hoffman and Sarah Guo (Greylock).

There are upwards of 35 breakout sessions occurring simultaneously over the 2 days of the event. If you’re an early stage founder, you really can’t miss it.

Together with core competencies like recruiting, brand building, PR, legal, and development marketing, we’ll likewise have a fantastic lots of breakout sessions focused on early phase fundraising.

Take a look:

How to get your very first yes with Cyan Banister

Fundraising can be a bit like dominoes. It’s much simpler to bring others along for the flight as soon as you get one financier on board. Getting that very first ‘yes’ can be the most challenging part. Hear the do’s and do n’ts of hyper early stage fundraising from Cyan Banister, seed-stage investor and partner at Founders Fund.

How to prevent 1000 landmines with Garry Tan

When you’re starting your company, there are countless little, avoidable errors that can turn success into failure. Discover how to browse around those and optimize your chance of success with key learnings from Garry Tan, creator and handling partner at Initialized Capital.

How to get your company got, not sold with Priti Choksi

Learn how to consider M&A as a possible exit chance from a former Facebook corporate advancement executive turned financier. Understand what acquirers are looking for and what concerns you ought to be asking. Create optionality on your own as you build and grow your business.

Think like a PM for VC pitch success with Lo Toney

Your pitchdeck is not just a reflection of your organisation, it’s an item unto itself. Your startup’s success, and avoiding completion of your runway, depends on the conversion rate of that product. Hear from Plexo Capital founding partner Lo Toney about how thinking like a PM when crafting your pitch deck can produce outstanding outcomes.

How and when to take financial obligation with Josh Brody

As tech takes over increasingly more industries, financial obligation is becoming not just a feasible choice for some startups, however, in some cases, an ideal funding course. Hear from WTI Endeavor Partner Josh Brody on how to evaluate equity vs. financial obligation, the right and wrong methods to take on financial obligation, and how to choose a lending institution that comprehends and accepts the inherent risks connected with providing to early phase organisations.

The business of bootstrapping with Arun Mathew and Vlad Magdalin

Webflow was bootstrapped and profitable for seven years before co-founder and CEO, Vlad Magdalin relied on Accel’s Arun Mathew as their very first institutional financier. Hear how Magdalin created a sustainable, high-growth service without institutional investment, and the unexpected elements that led him to take VC investment.

When it concerns fundraising, timing is whatever with Jake Saper

There are some shockingly typical timing mistakes creators make that can turn an otherwise effective fundraise into a failure. We’ll talk through how to prevent them and how to sequence efforts from the time you close your seed to guarantee you find the best partner (at the right rate!) for Series A and beyond.

SaaS fundraising and development with Saam Motamedi

As a Partner at Greylock, Saam Motamedi purchases the next generation of business software application business owners at the seed and early phases, and is the very first partner to entrepreneurs as they navigate product-market fit and go-to-market scale. He’ll share the three things business founders should focus on to successfully get their early phase business to product market fit, and why making early phase financial investments often boils down to betting on the starting team.

How to get into Y Combinator with Dalton Caldwell

The seed-stage endeavor company has come to form its own startup economy throughout the years, with its network of founders and business interconnecting across the tech industry and beyond. Discover how Y Combinator works today, and how you can become a part of it, in this conversation with head of admissions Dalton Caldwell.

How to sell a concept when you do not have a product with Charles Hudson

It takes cash to make money. First, you must get the cash on board. Speak with seed-stage financier Charles Hudson about what it requires to transform investors when all you need to reveal is a terrific concept and an understanding of the market.

How to structure your fintech startup with Rebecca Lynn

With the disintermediation of banks, and financial services more broadly, start-ups that are well structured can truly have significant advantages getting in those markets. From benchmarking development metrics that matter to navigating regulatory modifications, discover more about Canvas Ventures partner Rebecca Lynn’s method towards evaluating founding groups and gearing up companies with what it takes to take advantage of chances in fintech.

Seed funding suggestions and techniques with Jeff Clavier

There are now a thousand micro-VCs business owners can raise capital from, creating complicated market characteristics. Find out tips and tricks on fundraising from Uncork Capital’s Handling Partner, Jeff Clavier.

How to move fast and find the ideal VC financiers with James Currier

Discover the right and wrong ways to discover and approach the ideal investors for your startup. Discover the 6 elements VC’s search for that will make your process quickly, in this lightning talk with James Currier, financier in over 130 start-ups and Handling Partner at NFX Capital.

And that’s simply fundraising. We have dozens of other sessions focused on marketing and operations. The occasion goes down July 21 and 22.

You can get your ticket to TC Early Phase today; discover more details on our event page.

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