Client support is a big part of a user’s experience, and one that every bank likes to say they’re great at. But there is a lot we can learn from the errors that U.K. banks have actually made.

Based on his latest research study report into the user experience of a lots leading British banks– including Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Monzo, Starling and Revolut– Developed for Mars founder Peter Ramsey shares his top 5 UX ideas for customer assistance. We dive deeper into each idea, including talking about the thorny topic of call decision trees( press 1 for … press 2 for … and so on), which Ramsey recommends need to be diminished in the age of mobile apps, how push notifications may be employed to supply a more Disney-like queuing experience, why hold music is bad as a concept and why it’s time to ditch the live chat bait and switch. Get rid of call decision trees Call decision trees are frustrating to utilize and unnecessary for

users who have access to an app. Instead of

asking consumers to navigate via their telephone’s numerical keypad, use in-context concerns inside the app, and then put the complete number, consisting of the appropriate extension, behind a button. TechCrunch: Possibly we should clarify what you mean by”call decision trees “and– considering they’ve been a market requirement for several years– why is now the time to get rid of them?

Peter Ramsey: The choice tree is that automated “press 1 for … press 2 for …” procedure you often have to go through at the beginning of a call. I ought to clarify: It’s not time to remove them totally, because it’s quite useful for people who only utilize telephone banking. However for anybody who has access to an app, it’s completely unnecessary.

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