Part 2: Areas of opportunity best placed over the next decade

call the” human needs economy,”which includes services and products that address product human problems– specifically those in the areas of health and wellness, the future of work and community. This spring, our Human beings in the Wild accomplice program brought together a group of extraordinary business owners, developing companies within health and health. This fall, we are thrilled to hire business owners who are constructing companies reimagining the way in which we, as humans, work. Applications are open here. The human requirements economy is the future.

Throughout the last couple of years, essential shifts in technology and human habits have actually impacted the nature and life cycle of the “standard” expert journey– which interruption has actually started to shape a new labor economy. The past decade specifically has actually brought significant technological advancements that assist humans work more efficiently, and share and arrange info at scale. Nevertheless, those technological advances are now starting to outmatch the human condition, creating a society weary of automation, one that finds individuals looking for their place and purpose in a fast-paced and significantly competitive labor market. As COVID-19 saw boardrooms go dark, turning homes into makeshift workplaces, nascent trends were forced

into prominence. Quickly, the labor force was newly eager for innovative services to help them flourish in the new normal. But there is a long way to precede this brand-new normal feels normal. There’s much work to be done to assist the human requirements economy not simply survive this seismic shift, but to use it as a benefit. Human Ventures has recognized 4 areas of chance finest placed to serve the human side of work over the next decade:

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1. New workplace

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