As we move deeper into the pandemic, business are searching for methods to digitize procedures that formerly needed in-person meetings with manual approaches. Investors seem rewarding business who can accomplish this. iObeya, a French company that helps digitize management planning procedures like nimble and lean, announced a $17 million Series A today.

Red River West led the round with assistance from Atlantic Bridge Capital and Fortino Capital Partners. It has now raised an overall of $20 million, according to the company.

Tim McCracken, who heads up the business’s United States operations, says the name originates from the Japanese word for the large room where companies did all their planning. Many business collect a group of people in a meeting room and line the walls with sticky notes and white boards with their prepare for the coming months and weeks.

Even before the pandemic struck, it wasn’t the most reliable way to tape this valuable service content, and < a class="crunchbase-link"href=""target="_ blank"data-type="organization"data-entity= “iobeya”> iObeya has established a service to put it in the digital realm. “Therefore among the things that they made with those obeya rooms was they had lots of different visual management boards with post it notes and with various kinds of indications that they would use to manage their organisation. And so what iObeya does is digitize that kind of visual management, so that you can access it from several locations and share it amongst groups and essentially get rid of the requirement for doing it on paper and on walls,” McCracken explained.

This involves digitizing four main locations that include lean management, factory flooring management, agile shows and lastly what they call the digital office, that includes design thinking, virtual whiteboarding and brainstorming. All of these approaches have lots of planning connected with them and might benefit from being moved online.

Image Credits: iObeya They are approaching 100 workers with the bulk in France today with a small office in the U.S. in Seattle, but they will be using this cash to broaden with plans to add 50 more. He states that the company has actually constantly looked at diversity when it concerns its employing practices.

“We want to attempt to draw in, not just experienced salespeople, as well as the support company around them, however likewise actually do as much outreach in the regional community to see how we can make sure that our workforce shows the community,” he said.

As the business needed to shut down workplaces due to COVID-19, McCracken states their own software application helped them make that shift more efficiently. “We in fact use our own software to manage organisation so we had very little disruption to our actual work. At the exact same time, the volume of work increased most likely 4 to five fold, merely since of increased need for the software. So we had to manage not only moving from operating in an office to operate at home, however also the increased workload,” he said.

The company was established near Paris in 2011. They plan to utilize the money to expand operations in the U.S. and build awareness of the company through greater sales and marketing spend.

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