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“I can’t go to.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Why isn’t my video working?”

“Nobody else remains in the meeting room.”

“I can’t see your screen.”

“The video conference program will not download on my device.”

In a new study on virtual selling, 89 percent of purchasers report somewhat regularly experiencing some sort of technical issue in virtual sales . Ninety-one percent of buyers state that effective usage of innovation when leading a

virtual sales meeting highly or reasonably affects their ultimate purchase decision. Bottom line: avoid virtual selling innovation issues

. Here are seven ways you can avoid common virtual sales conference technology errors 1. Prepare conference attendees

in advance with clear directions Set the technology expectations in advance and communicate them with all conference attendees.
Will you be on video? If you’re offering, the response should be yes. Let all participants understand your webcam will be on for the call and offer guidelines for how to they can turn theirs on. A simple screenshot here can go a long way.

Do they require to download the conference platform program? If so, provide a link and let them know how to get the program and test ahead of time.

Make the guidelines for how to get in the conference clear. Offer a clickable meeting link and one-touch mobile dial-in to make it easy for participants to quickly get in the conference. (If you’re ever joined a teleconference from your smart phone, you understand how practical a one-touch dial-in is.)

2. Run a tech check

If you have an essential conference such as a proposal discussion or larger group meeting, ask to start early with at least one member of the purchaser team to run a 10-minute tech check ahead of time. You will not always get a yes, however this will assist to guarantee the buyers have the ability to

Free Webinar: How to Future-Proof Your Business Many everybody can upgrade their web speed through their internet service supplier. Get a new router. Attempt a direct cable television to your router rather of WIFI. Close background applications, specifically ones that auto-refresh. Each of these will assist to improve the experience.A seller recently told us about her bandwidth issues at her house. She simply had not considered upgrading due to the fact that she purchased’fast internet,’however didn’t know there were all sorts of levels of quickly. She called her web supplier, updated her service, and purchased a new router. All good now on her end.4. Pick a reliable conference platform “That’s unusual. I was logged in, however no one

existed.” “I see Sarah is on the call

, but we can’t hear you … Sarah are you there?””Let’s try logging

out and logging back in.”

My conference’s currently in progress?!? No, it’s not, I haven’t started it yet! “

Your platform, it’s dependability, ease of use and security have a substantial influence on a buyer’s experience with you. There are numerous platforms to choose from, each with their own functions, security and requirements. Research study and select a proven platform for your meetings. If you have ongoing issues, it’s time to examine a new platform.

5. Invest in quality audio and video

A lot of (but not all) integrated computer system video cameras and microphones are low to average quality. It’s well worth it to invest in high-quality external devices that produce a crisp image and clear sound.Related: How the Crisis is Changing Customer Behavior and Sales

Use an HD cam. Much of them likewise include top quality built-in microphones. Think about utilizing a headset, and a podcasting-quality mic that reduces background sound.

6. Master your platform

Many buttons! Each platform has various functionality, shortcuts and techniques. Learn more about your platform. Address finest practices. At a minimum, you must be comfortable with platform annotation tools, screensharing, video, mute and audio, chat, virtual backgrounds, sharing and playing video, and conference recording.

No matter your platform, there are many resources offered to discover the ins and outs. Take a few hours to brush up your understanding and attempt a few tools. You’ll be impressed with what you discover and how you can utilize the innovation to your benefit.

7. Have a 60-second backup strategy

Even the best-laid strategies typically go awry. What will you do if your audio isn’t working? If a key guest can’t get in the conference? If participants can’t view your screen? If there’s a technical snafu in the middle of the conference?

Prepare for the numerous mistakes and glitches that can happen. Have a basic dial-in number if computer audio isn’t working. Utilize a trustworthy teleconference service. (And have that number useful all the time so you don’t have to look for it when you require it!) Be prepared to share files by means of e-mail if you aren’t able to screenshare.

Avoiding innovation problems isn’t going to win you the sale, however it may lose it for you. You desire your comfort and tech-savviness to show your professionalism and what it resembles to work with you.Impress, do not annoy, purchasers by following these 7 simple suggestions. Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.