A 17-year-old Florida teenager is implicated of committing among the year’s greatest and most prominent hacks: Twitter. A federal 30-count indictment filed in Tampa said Graham Ivan Clark used a phone spearphishing attack to pivot through multiple layers of Twitter’s security and bypassed its two-factor authentication to get to an internal “admin”tool that let the hacker take control of any account. With two accomplices named in a different federal indictment, Clark– who passed the online deal with”Kirk”– supposedly utilized the tool to hijack the accounts of lots of stars and public figures, including Costs Gates, Elon Musk and previous president Barack Obama, to post a cryptocurrency fraud netting over$100,000 in bitcoin in just a couple of hours. It was, by all accounts, an advanced attack that required technical abilities and a capability

to trick and trick to manage the scam. Some security experts were amazed, comparing the attack to one that had the finesse and professionalism of a well-resourced nation-state assaulter. But a profile in The New york city Times explains Clark was an” adept fraudster with an explosive temper. “In the teen’s defense, the attack might have been much even worse. Instead of pushing a scam that assured to”double your cash,”Clark and his compatriots could have wreaked havoc. In 2013, hackers pirated the Associated Press’Twitter account and tweeted a phony bomb attack on the White Home, sending out the markets plunging– just to quickly recover after the all-clear was given. With control of some of the world’s most popular Twitter accounts, Clark was for a few hours in July one of the most powerful effective in the world. If found guilty, the teenager might invest his much better years behind bars. Here’s more from the past week.

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