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Accessing social groups through referrals

Excerpt from Need Curve’s Development Training.

A surprising benefit of recommendations is how they often result in social partnership opportunities.

Consider this process:

  1. Discover your happiest users.
  2. Find out what social groups they come from. This could be anything from a female founders group, to university alumni networks, to a dining establishment management trade association.
  3. How do you discover? Just ask what groups they belong to. Do not hesitate of discussion.
  4. Ask the pleased user to connect you with the heads of those groups. Resolve an issue they collectively have– even if it’s only tangentially related to your service. What matters is that more of these ideal customers understand and trust you. You can likewise refer speakers, offer deals, write material for them or use complimentary workplace hours.
  5. Down the road, these individuals undoubtedly send you recommendations.
  6. Reach out cold to individuals in other, comparable groups. Reference the endorsement of the initial group and supply a case study (with their authorization).

Going through groups can be a high-leverage way to land and broaden into perfect audiences.

Pixel-sharing methods

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