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This week Airbnb revealed that it has privately filed to go public, putting the popular unicorn on a path to a quick IPO if it wants. Thecurrent relocation matches reporting indicating that the home-sharing upstart could yet go public in 2020 despite the collapse of the travel industry. The Exchange explores start-ups, markets and cash. You can read it every morning on Bonus Crunch, or get The Exchange newsletter every Saturday.

< a class="crunchbase-link"href="https://crunchbase.com/organization/airbnb"target="_ blank"data-type="organization" data-entity =” airbnb” > Airbnb is not the only venture-backed company of note that is looking to go public at the minute, or that has privately filed to go public. Indeed, a lot of unicorns are looking to get out the door in the next quarter or 2, I’ve begun to misplace their status.

So, this morning, let’s gather an absorb of each unicorn that has submitted privately, is expected to debut quickly, or might go public in the next year or two. We’re talking Airbnb, Asana, ThredUp, Qualtrics, Palantir and Ant first, and after that more loosely about the substantial cadre of business that might go public prior to the end of 2022, like UIPath, Intercom, and, sure, Robinhood too.

Today is Friday, which means we can pay for to take a minute, center ourselves and make sure that we’re prepared for the news that next week will undoubtedly bring. Let’s have a little fun.

Approaching unicorn IPOs

In order to keep this digestible, we’ll continue in bulleted-list format. Starting with the most significant news, let’s remind ourselves of Airbnb’s decrease and healing, starting with profits numbers:

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