Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s endeavor capital-focused podcast(now on Twitter!), where we unload the numbers behind the headlines. This is the fourth episode of the week, pressing our production calendar to the test. Gladly we’ve handled to hold it together amidst the news deluge that the last couple of days have

brought. It was a good week for our scheduling modification, with the main episode of the program coming to you on Thursday afternoon versus Friday early morning. Change is great. But imperishable this time around was our hosting lineup, with Natasha Mascarenhas and Danny Crichton and myself yammering with Chris Gates on the mix.

Here’s what we got into

: The CEO of TikTok is out, quotes are swirling, and whom will end up owning a piece of all of TikTok’s international operations is unclear. Walmart remains in the mix, obviously, which feels really 2020. The New York Stock Exchange has actually gotten approval from the SEC for a new kind of direct listing, one in which the

  • business going public can offer a bloc of shares during the typical cost discovery process. This suggests that all the banker-faff of setting a price and roadshowing to different financier groups might be going the way of the buffalo. About time, maybe? That was our take after reading this Bill
  • Gurley note and the latest SEC news. However while the direct listing world is getting more intriguing, the SPAC world is taking flight. Desktop Metal is going public through a SPAC which is all sorts of remarkable. A more youthful, Boston-based unicorn going public in this way is eye capturing! And after that two moneying rounds, the very first from Finix, which can’t stop adding to its Series B. And Mural, which raised the biggest Series B we can remember. And with that, we’re all going to bed. We’re tired.
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