Meet Lokalise, a Latvian startup that concentrates on translation and localization of apps, sites, games and more. The company supplies a software-as-a-service product that assists you improve your workflow and processes when you require to upgrade text in different languages in your product.

The company simply raised a $6 million financing round led by Mike Chalfen, with Andrey Khusid, Nicolas Dessaigne, Des Traynor, Matt Robinson and others also participating.

Many companies waste time at the last minute as they still need to translate new buttons and new text in other languages when it’s time to ship an upgrade. It’s often a manual process that involves sending and integrating files with long lists of text strings in different languages.

“As a matter of fact, the most popular tools utilized in localisation processes are still Excel and Google Sheets. Next come internally-built scripts and tools,” co-founder and CEO Nick Ustinov informed me.

Lokalise is all about accelerating that process. You can either by hand upload your language files or integrate straight with GitHub or GitLab so that it immediately fetches modifications.

You can then search each sentence in various languages from the service. Your team of translators can edit text in the Lokalise user interface. As a web-based service, everyone remains on the same page.

Image Credits: Lokalise Some performance features let you collaborate with other staff member. You can comment and discuss other individuals. You can appoint jobs and activate occasions based on completed jobs. Lokalise can alert a customer when a translation is done. When everything is finished, you can use Lokalise to dynamically deliver language files to your mobile apps utilizing SDKs and an API, or you can simply upload to a things storage bucket so that your app can fetch the latest language file from a server.

If you’re a little company and don’t have a team of translators, Lokalise lets you utilize Google Translate or a marketplace of expert translators. It works with Gengo or Lokalise’s own marketplace. There are some built-in spelling and grammar functions to assist you find the most apparent errors.

“The majority of customers work with internal or external specific translators or language provider (LSPs) straight,” Ustinov stated. “The SaaS item generates 90% of our income– the income breakdown between the SaaS product and the market of translation services is 90%/ 10%.”

The start-up now has 1,500 clients, such as Revolut, Yelp, Virgin Mobile and Idea. It presently creates $4 million in yearly repeating earnings.

In general, Lokalise solves a very specific need. It is most likely overkill for many business. If you deliver frequently and you have consumers all around the world, it could speed up the process a little bit.

Image Credits: Lokalise

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