Given that 2011, European startup studio eFounders has introduced 27 companies with a focus on software-as-a-service business trying to improve the way we work. A few of them have actually been rather successful, such as Front and Aircall.

And the company is dealing with its next batch of startups. “We’re especially inspired by the new wave of productivity tools, that is ever more collaborative and flexible,” eFounders co-founder Thibaud Elziere stated in a statement

In exchange for financial and human resources, eFounders keeps a substantial stake in its start-ups. Preferably, startups raise a seed round and take off by themselves after a year or two.

Here’s what’s showing up from eFounders.


Canyon is a product for legal teams that want to ditch Word, PDF documents and emails. It begins with a central center to hold all your drafts and documents. In this manner, you can track development, get the current file variation and see the context around a document. Considered that it is tailored for legal teams, it must work a bit much better than a shared Dropbox folder.

You can develop templates to reuse them later on, see related e-mails directly in Canyon’s user interface and invite other individuals so that they can take a look at what you have actually been working on.

Image Credits: Canyon Kairn is a job manager that tries to get

out of the way as much as possible. You can add jobs straight from the app that you’re currently utilizing when you’re working on your computer system. You can envision adding a task by starring an email conversation in Gmail, forwarding a message to a WhatsApp bot or starring a message in Slack. There’s likewise a quick include window that you can set off with a keyboard faster way.

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Image Credits: Kairn Team is focused on new hires and task applications.

Given that many companies are actively trying to find fascinating candidates, Team isn’t simply a way to passively gather applications. It lets you develop automated workflows and handle whatever you ‘d get out of a recruitment platform.

Image Credits: Team Cumulative Collective is an item for freelancers who wish to collaborate and form groups. It ought to make it much easier to send out an agreement to a client that involves numerous freelancers working on the agreement. Collective will make it much easier to remain legally certified.

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