The other week TechCrunch’s Extra Crunch Live series took a seat with Accel VCs Sonali De Rycker and Andrew Braccia to chat about the state of the global startup investing community. Offered their company’s broad geographic footprint, we wanted to know what was going on in different startup markets, and inside a variety of business-model varietals that we are tracking, like API-focused startups and low-code work.

As with all Extra Crunch Live episodes, we have actually consisted of the complete video listed below, along with a variety of favorite quotes from the discussion.

Above the paywall, I wanted to share what De Rycker stated about the European startup environment: It’s been stuck in my head for the last day, because her comments indicate a future where there is no single center of startup gravity.

Instead, considering her bullishness on her regional scene, we’re going to see at least 3 significant centers, specifically The United States and Canada with a locus in the United States, Asia with a possible capital in India, and Europe, with a somewhat dispersed design.

Here’s De Rycker from our chat, reacting to my concern about how active the European endeavor and startup scene is today (records has been lightly modified for clarity):

What has amazed me much more [than change in the European start-up scene in time] is the velocity in the last number of years. And I believe it’s continued in the last few months, in spite of the COVID environment.

And that’s actually since Europe isn’t just one location? It’s a collection of various ecosystems, different areas, different hubs. At any time there are 15 to 20 cities that are relevant, and they’ve all sort of reached this tipping point. And together, Europe is at this inflection point, in regards to the quality of entrepreneurs, [and] the number of opportunities. And it feels like it’s all come together with the digitization that’s going on that we’re all, you understand, quite thinking in right now. And the truth that there’s a ton of capital around. So I would say that we’re seeing a pretty mad pace, more than, openly, pre-COVID, which is not something we expected. […]

But I would say that overall, Europe is extremely active [ relating to] offer pace, offer count, I wouldn’t state it’s really various from what I understand to be the scenario in the U.S.

Undergirding what De Rycker stated above, TechCrunch just recently reported on the monetary outcomes of TransferWise, a European fintech unicorn that grew 70% in the in 2015, to ₤ 302.6 million in income. Toss in Adyen’s legendary run as a public European tech business and there’s lots to celebrate from the continent, even if we don’t check out enough about here in the States.

Extra Crunch Live continues with some actually damn fun things showing up (including a few more that I am hosting). make sure you’re in and all set for the next edition as we dig deeper into season two.

Strike the dive for the complete chat and some additional bits from the transcript.

Sonali De Rycker and Andrew Braccia

Here’s the full video:

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