Mobile cryptocurrency wallet BRD revealed today that it now has more than 6 million users worldwide, thanks to strong growth in India and Latin America. With this momentum, the company anticipates to reach 10 million users by early 2021.

Founded in 2015, Zurich-based BRD also stated it now includes about one million brand-new users every 2 months, after at first taking more than four years to strike the one million user mark. It reached 550,000 regular monthly active users at the start of July. Co-founder and ceo Adam Traidman attributes the increased interest in cryptocurrency, specifically among newbie users, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s triggering a great deal of people who are remaining at home and safeguarding in location to reassess a lot of fundamental questions about their life and household today,” he informed TechCrunch. “It’s causing a great deal of thinking of cash and finances. Individuals have had a lot more time over the last 6 months to take a look at their investments and as an outcome of that, we discovered that for cryptocurrency in basic, however especially for BRD’s organization, we’ve been growing considerably.”

An image of mobile cryptocurrency wallet BRD's user interface

A picture of mobile cryptocurrency wallet BRD’s interface He included that BRD, which has actually raised$ 55 million in financing from investors like SBI Crypto Financial Investment and East Ventures, has two main groups of users. The very first are millennials who have discretionary earnings that they invest using apps like Robinhood rather of traditional brokerages. The 2nd group are individuals who have actually been more economically impacted by the pandemic and are turning to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to manage currency fluctuations in their nations or as a more affordable option to worldwide wire transfers to send out money to member of the family. Falling bank rates of interest have also prompted many individuals to think about alternative locations to put their money.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the most popular purchases through BRD, in nations with unpredictable currency changes, like Venezuela, Argentina and India, interest in stablecoins, which are pegged to the U.S. dollar, is growing. The company is also seeing more adoption in Eastern European nations.

BRD is a non-custodial wallet and cryptocurrencies are saved on users’ devices, which makes it more available to users in countries who need to undergo lengthy registration procedures to utilize custodial wallets. The app also permits individuals to utilize Apple Pay or their bank cards to buy cryptocurrency. This ease of use is among the reasons for its growth, Traidman stated.

The business’s newest financing announcement was a $15 million Series B announced in January 2019 for growth in Asian markets. BRD likewise offers business blockchain tools called Blockset and states it is currently used to save the equivalent of about $6 billion in cryptocurrencies.

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