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When longtime pals David Johnson and Max Spielberg were speaking about what Spielberg was considering his allergies, and the they were offering their children to eliminate fevers and the acute rhinitis, the two dads decided to take a more detailed look at what was really in those over-the counter (OTC) items.

“I’m your seeds and nuts type of man who never truly took lots of medications maturing,” Johnson states. “When we rely on the over the counter shelf, we should be taking a product that makes us feel much better, and helps us get better, however does not have the excess active ingredients that are unneeded.”

With Johnson’s finance background and Spielberg’s legal background, the 2 set out to clean up every medication aisle. They spent 2 years in research and advancement with a group of physicians and scientists prior to launching their medication business Genexa.

“What we do is make non-prescription medicines with the exact same active component that you require, however without the inactive ingredients that you do not,” Spielberg states. “We’ll create an item including acetaminophen, which is utilized to treat pain and fever, and instead of utilizing talc, which has actually been linked to severe repercussions, or red dyes, which have actually been related to great deals of side effects, we’ll use beetroot extract and organic honey to hold the medicine together.”

Genexa produces standard medications for both kids and adults as well as homeopathic products. The co-founders say they credit their explosive growth to knocking on doors and constructing relationships with retailers. Today, they remain in more than 40,000 stores consisting of Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Kroger, and Whole Foods. They also offer their products online on Genexa.com and Amazon. Johnson and Spielberg spoke to Jessica Abo abour transforming the OTC space and shared their recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs.Jessica Abo: What is Genexa at

its core?Max Spielberg: Genexa’s an over-the-counter medicine brand name that’s dedicated to making tidy medications. We like to call it real medication made tidy. What we do is we’ll take a product, basically just like the leading brand of medicine that you can find in your medicine cabinet, and we’ll utilize the very same active components. We’ll use the same medicine, however all the other ingredients will be clean and organic.David Johnson: Every medicine has a non-active and an activeactive ingredient. We focus on the inactive active ingredients, which is the part that makes up the bulk of all medications on rack. And the active ingredient is the active ingredient that you’re taking it for, and why we take the medicine. So, when you look at the non-active ingredients that make up usually 70-to-95 percent of these items, we get rid of those and change them with better, few, cleaner components. A fine example of that would be, we eliminate a red dye and change it with a natural beetroot extract that would dye the tablet red or the liquid red.What made you both want to leave your day tasks and start this company?Spielberg: We began Genexa truly to make a difference in individuals’slives. Maturing, I had a lot of bad allergies and I was always knowledgeable about sort of requiring to take lots of over-the-counter medication. Eventually, I started reading the labels and thinking about what remains in them and why I can’t pronounce any of the active ingredients in non-prescription medicines. And that led, I think, David and I to doing a lot of research and seeing the chance. However I believe most significantly, David and I both have young kids. I have a two -and a four-year-old and David’s kids are similar ages. And we were truly just thinking about being associated with a business that could make a difference in people’s lives.Johnson: We had a look at the unpronounceable words on the back of these medicines and understood that they were common-found ingredients in things like antifreeze and all of the dyes and the parabens and the artificial materials. We realized that something needed to be done.What are a few of the products that Genexa makes?Johnson: Genexa makes products for both adults and for kids. In the children line, we have items that vary from allergy to cough

and cold along with pain and fever reducers and sleep items.

And in the grownups, we focus more on the antacid classifications and the laxative classifications, as well as some cough and cold.Spielberg: We also do homeopathic medications since that’s likewise a category that requires to be tidied up. There are some consumers that only take homeopathic medications and we wish to make certain there’s a cleaner option for them.What is your rate point?Johnson: Our rate point is a little bit higher than the common-found items on shelf, usually about 10 percent. What we’re really trying to do is bring it to every consumer and make it affordable to every customer, but we do have cleaner components, so those components cost us more.What did it take to get into 40,000 stores?Spielberg: I think a lot of it was simply hard work and a little bit of luck. Most significantly, I think that our mission has actually simply really resonated with a lot of people.What are some ways that you’re there for your customers?Spielberg: Well, initially of all, you can find my phone number on the back of pretty much every box of Genexa

medicines. We actually try to engage with individuals and just be available to people, sort of in a sort of friendly, friendly and caring method, since we do care about all our customers.Johnson: Max and I, every Friday, we take five clients and we reach out to themand we speak with them about our products, but likewise just about life.

We likewise are really focused on customer support internally, and all e-mails and telephone call get responded to within 15 minutes, which is unlike any other company in this area. We’re about people over whatever. We’re about putting people first.And what do you want to say to the business owner out there who just heard someone inform them that their concept is impossible?Johnson: Three-and-a-half years ago when Max and I began this business, everyone informed us it was difficult. If I knew what we would’ve had to go through, and I would have probably concurred with them. The good part about being a business owner is you truly don’t know what you’re about to go through. Remain the course, keep your head in it, and grind it out.Spielberg: Focus on the factor and the passion you’re doing what you’re doing.

If you really believe in what you’re doing and there’s a requirement for it, and you’re actually making a difference in people

‘s lives, then I’m positive that individuals with those types of concepts will make it.Johnson: I would also recommend that you constantly want to others. There’s a great deal of individuals that have actually turned the corners and been knocked out, and you do not wish to turn those corners and get knocked out. What I would suggest is, look for your influencers, or the people that can influence you, your mentors, and check out a

lot of books, and read the news and get engaged with others. Be practical to others and they’ll be handy to you. Article curated by RJ Shara from Source. RJ Shara is a Bay Area Radio Host (Radio Jockey) who talks about the startup ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investments, policies and more on her show The Silicon Dreams. The show streams on Radio Zindagi 1170AM on Mondays from 3.30 PM to 4 PM.