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in services. October 6, 2020 3 minutes read

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  • In Mexico alone, the ecommerce platform has managed to add more than 8,000 SMEs because March 24, which suggests around 45 a day.

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the digital transformation of services, since not having the ability to offer in physical areas, they looked for methods to continue running through the internet. In this context, Mercado Libre presented a project called” Let’s put the economy in gear” with the objective of making visible the stories of all the entrepreneurs who are part of the economic reactivation of Latin America.

The business looks for to motivate development and solidarity through the message: “behind each purchase made within the platform there is a whole economy launching.”

“During the pandemic, thousands of SMEs and start-ups throughout Latin America were digitally reconverted. Mercado Libre wishes to inspire Latin American entrepreneurs to join the platform and see us as an ally in the financial healing. We are proud to be together to all these business owners and support them side by side, until the best comes, “Hernán Cieri, Marketing Director of Mercado Libre México, said in a statement.

The company accompanies the countless tasks that had to alter their organization model, with a community of value that includes technological, financial, training and labor addition tools throughout the area where the platform runs. In Mexico alone, the ecommerce platform has handled to include more than 8,000 SMEs because March 24, which indicates around 45 a day.

“The central idea of the campaign is to show how Mercado Libre supports Business owners and smes to offer their services and products, specifically in the challenging context of recent months. That is why we show behind closed curtains, what they live many, in an underworld where everything is moving, changing, producing work and sales, reactivating “, Cieri concludes.

The project is currently noticeable on TV, radio, Out of Home advertising and social media in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

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