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How can you perhaps know how your is performing if you’re not tracking and determining very particular metrics? Without them, it’s like navigating a desert without a compass. You can’t handle it if you can’t measure it. And it’s in the online world, where consumer habits data is so easily available, that metrics can really shine.So how can

you measure your e-commerce metrics?Most online

restricted in that it does not describe why the user is behaving in a certain method, it simply offers the

quantitative information — the what. An useful tool to dive much deeper and better understand your user behavior is a heatmap, which shows the user’s journey in a visual, intuitivemethod. As such, a hybrid metric measurement technique will assist you understand not just what your users are doing on your website, but also why they are behaving in such a way. This eventually can help you enhance your user’s experience, resulting in more sales and increased profits.If your business is at the stage where you can budget for an outsourced or in-house data expert, this expert insight and analysis can prove vital for your online organization, whether

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