Investors backed a record 88 megarounds of $100 million or more

Keep in mind back in March when the VC video game was done for the year, checkbooks were snapping shut and startup layoffs led the headlines? A lotfor all that. Q3’s venture capital numbers remain in and they are anything but weak. In retrospect, the Q2 VC downturn looks more like a brief recharge ahead of a huge push in Q3 than anything existential. We can see this today through the lens of information worrying what took place after June concluded and we moved into Q3. According to data from PitchBook(information source)and CBInsights(information source), there was a lot If you were a U.S.-based startup, to like about the 3rd quarter. The Exchange checks out start-ups, markets and cash. Read it every early morning on Bonus Crunch, or get The Exchange newsletter every Saturday. I wish to go into the information and pull out essential data pointsfor you. We’ll get you notified and out the door in around 900 words. If you want a more global take a look at the venture capital world in Q3, do not stress. We’re doing that tomorrow right here at The Exchange. Ready? This should be both fun and informative. Let’s go! A massive third quarter To get a clear take a look at the U.S. venture capital market, we’ll begin with the top down. So, the biggest numbers initially, followed by progressively narrow pieces of data so we can drill down into smaller start-ups. The top-line numbers: How much money was raised by U.S.-based startups in Q3 2020?$36.5 billion, according to CBInsights, $ 37.8 billion according to PitchBook. Those numbers are efficiently the very same for functions. CBInsights calls the number a seven-quarter high, up 22%from the Q3 2019 number and 30%from the Q2 2020 outcome.

PitchBook concurs that Q3 2020 was

strong, but has its count just under Q2 2020’s own. The number of offers was that cash spread between? CBInsights counts 1,461 VC deals in Q3 2020 for U.S.-based startups. Per its numbers, that figure is up 1%from Q2 2020 and down 11%from Q3 2019.

PitchBook, on the other hand, counts