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Have you ever attempted to pitch somebody your concept and for some reason they just didn’t seem to engage? tried to encourage his best friend, Linkletter to purchase the surrounding home around . Linkletter did not see the opportunity and passed. Ironically, the Fujishige household saw the potential and bought fifty-six acres for $2500. Decades later they offered the land back to the Disney Corporation for just under $100 million. When another one passes on it?This is what author Woody Woodward calls the 20/80 Rule, how can one person see a chance. His most recent book “D.R.I.V.E. Sales” focuses on the 5 distinct “buying personalities” he’s recognized. Each of us naturally speaks one language (20 percent), and in doing so, unintentionally alienate the other 4 buying personalities (80 percent). The process of recognizing the unique motivations of the consumer you’re pitching makes a significant (or even rapid) difference to your selling success. When Walt was pitching, he was not connecting with Art’s purchasing .

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I spoke to Woodward today about his findings. In short kind, the 5 buying characters depend upon what makes you feel crucial. They are as follows: