Unlike the remainder of the world, Worldwide Handwashing Day didn’t make much an impact in the U.S. this year. Here’s why our over-reliance on hand sanitizer needs to stop, and how brand names can

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October 30, 2020 5 minutes read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In all however 10 U.S. states Covid-19 cases are on the increase, however across the country handwashing practices are … declining? Yes. According to a new research study by the American Cleansing Institute (ACI), handwashing frequency has dropped by 14 portion points given that the start of the pandemic. At the exact same time, the rate of hand sanitizer use has actually risen– from 46 percent in March 2020, to 62 percent in September.Even amid the pandemic, International Handwashing Day– celebrated earlier this month on October 15– has produced very little buzz in the U.S. compared with the rest of the world. Do a Google news look for” Global Handwashing Day, “and you will discover lots of short articles from India, the UK, Australia and Canada, but few if any from the U.S. media.This might be since hand sanitizer, which is simple to utilize and requires

no water or drying, has actually taken control of as Americans’preferred technique to keeping hands tidy in the pandemic. All over– doctors’ offices, takeout food spots, the hairdresser, supermarket, the health club (if it’s open )– there are large jugs of hand sanitizer offered at the door. Who requires the inconvenience of soap, water and towels when you can just rub a fast dollop of sanitizer in your palms? Having actually launched Global Handwashing Day in 2008 while at Unilever, my response is: Everyone does.Handwashing with soap is an even more reliable way than hand sanitizer to avoid the virus’ spread. Soap in fact

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