Today, GV General Partner(and TechCrunch alum)MG Siegler joined us on Additional Crunch Live for a far-ranging chat about what it requires to cultivate a great relationship in between investor and start-up, how portfolio management and investing has changed as the COVID-19 crisis drags out, and what Siegler anticipates will and will not stay in regards to changes in habits in financial investment and entrepreneurship when the pandemic passes.

We last overtook Siegler on the heels of his financial investment in Universe, a mobile-focused, e-commerce business-building startup. The coronavirus pandemic was fairly brand-new and no one was sure the length of time it would last or what steps to include it would appear like. Now, with a couple of months of experience under his belt, Siegler told me that things have fairly settled into a new normal from his perspective as a financier– often for worse, in some cases for better, however mostly just resulting in differences that need adjustment.

This select records has actually been modified for length and clarity. Aside from area headers, all text listed below is taken from MG Siegler’s actions to my questions.

Service impacts of dealing with the pandemic six months on

Just talking about the service side of the formula, I do believe that things have sort of supported in the day-to-day world here. For us, certainly, I believe it’s it’s just as much of a aspect though, of just finding out how to operate in this in this weird and surreal environment, and understanding how to do remote conferences better. Knowing how to hop on fast Zoom calls, Hangouts, and phone calls, with portfolio business, to aid put out fires, and doing all board conferences from another location, and all that sort of stuff.

That seems like it’s quite simple on paper, however in day-to-day operations, these are all various little bit discovering things that you have to do and come throughout. I do feel like things are operating in a quite structured way, or as much as they can be at this point. you know, there’s constantly going to be some more wildcards — like we’re a week away, today, from from the US election.

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